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28 Apr 2020

Expert Interview - Suk Wah Kwok

Expert Interview - Suk Wah Kwok

Organizations who have migrated applications to the cloud will definitely see the benefits when there is a sudden need and short notice to work from home, as accessing a cloud application from home and from the office is almost the same, and there is nothing IT needs to do to make the transition.

On top of cloud, organizations who are already supporting working anywhere will flare better too. This includes the provision of secure tokens or any other secure remote access measures, and preferably a solution that can be scaled up relatively easily. Those who do not have it already in place will not be in a position to provide secure remote working quick enough in the face of such crisis. So either they can’t provide remote working immediately or have to compromise on security measures to enable it.

Overall, this all boils down to preparedness. Having a sound, robust, practical, and tested Business Continuity Plan is key to responsiveness in such sudden events.

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