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Meet Your Senior Communications Manager

Meet Your Senior Communications Manager
Me and my sidekick - Van the Goldador

The Early DaysThis is a slightly different type of communication than we are used at CloserStill to but that’s exactly what I’m here for. As you’ll be hearing from me a lot more over the coming months, I thought it was time I formally introduce myself as your Senior Communications Manager.

For those who haven’t met me, my name is Rachel and I started at CloserStill in 2014 in an entry-level telemarketing position before moving into marketing and finding a happy home on the Vet Shows teams overs the past several years. Throughout my tenure, I’ve worked with many brilliant employees and visited several of our global events. I’ve experienced our London office go from two rooms to now seven units and I’ve witnessed the onboarding of fantastic businesses into the CSM folds. I’ve watched as our business thrived outside of the UK in Europe, Asia, and the US.   

When I’m not at work waxing lyrical about CloserStill, you’ll most likely find me at home exploring the Oxfordshire countryside with dog and partner, playing sport and watching Australia dominate (dangerous to admit halfway through an Ashes Series) or going to gigs (I saw both Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen this weekend!).

So why am I telling you all this?

CloserStill has always been a quick-paced and dynamic place to work. But our bounce back post-pandemic has catapulted us to the next level of excitement and success. However rapid global growth hasn’t come without a few teething issues. As such, my decision to move from show marketing into corporate communications came down to where I felt I could make the most impactful difference for our business. I want to channel my passion for CloserStill to help us retain our core identity that have served us in the past while simultaneously making sure our systems and communications are fit for purpose here and now. I hope that my efforts will help bridge the gaps we’ve faced when it comes to company culture and cross-collaboration. My goal is for all everyone to feel welcomed, well-informed and be proud to wave their CSM banners.

Okay but what actually is a Communications Professional? 

No, it's not just the company newsletter. My goal is to market CloserStill to the level of excellence that we do our trade shows. I will try to ensure we are living and working within and towards our company values and mission. I will create and deliver global internal and external communication plans and campaigns. I consult with our exec and senior management while working closely with HR, recruitment, admin and more recently, the CloserTogether Taskforce. I work on our CSM brand as well as our public relations, social media, marketing collateral, press releases and internal channels. But yeah - the newsletters too! 

Sticky Wickets

And this is where you come in….

We will soon be launching our first ever global Engagement Survey. We will be asking for about 10 minutes of your time to give us and you’ll be asked to provide some information about yourself and your experiences at CloserStill. The purpose of the Engagement Survey is to give us a better understanding our workforce. The Engagement Survey will produce important insights which will guide future business decisions and processes and help the senior leadership in allocating resources. For me, it will guide me to create effective communication collateral and channels which, in turn, will help you be better informed.

You should have received more information about the Engagement Survey earlier this week. But here’s where you can help in the meantime:

  • Keep an eye out for emails from the HR Team, from CloserStill (our corporate account which are sent by me) or from Culture Amp (our third-party supplier who is hosting the Survey).
  • Read the FAQs and follow instructions when you receive them.
  • Be ready to fill in the Engagement Survey from the 17th July.



  1. Cover - Van and I on and adventure in Devon in 2022. 
  2. The Early Days - back when I was in the Telemarketing Department and our London HQ was only 2 rooms in 2014 (if you look closely at the names on the board behind me, you'll see Aidan Gibbs is beating me in registrations that day!)
  3. Captaining our champion Sticky Wickets Team (Inter-Exhibition Cricket Competition) in 2017. Although running each Vet Show made me super proud - this was top 3 work moments! 
  4. Winning "Best Marketing Team" (with Charlotte Ellicott) at the EN Awards in 2018. Fun fact - I was due in Belfast the next day for an Aussie Rules Football tournament on a 6.30 AM flight (which I obviously missed). I also bet Phil Nelson that we would win "Best Use of Social Media" at the Awards the following year because he said it was impossible, but we did. I believe he still needs to pay up on that! 



If you want to talk comms, cricket or CloserStill - feel free to get in contact with me any time on Teams or at r.kilmartin@closerstillmedia.com