CSM Diaries

12 Sep 2023

A Memorable Coventry Office Networking Event: Celebrating the End of Summer

A Memorable Coventry Office Networking Event: Celebrating the End of Summer
(By Lucca Finch) The Coventry office recently hosted a fun filled networking event to bid farewell to summer. With balloons scattered on the tables and an array of exciting games, it was time for the fun to begin…

The event kicked off with an intense game of Connect Four, with the sales team stepping up against the finance team. The competition was fierce, and the excitement was palpable as each move determined the outcome. Each move was calculated as everyone gathered around constantly trying to work out the winner from 3 moves ahead. In the end, the sales team emerged victorious, adding an extra layer of friendly rivalry to the event. On the opposite side of the room, the Jenga game became a battle of the shows, with BP, CPC, and DPC teams bringing their competitive sales traits to the game floor. The tower teetered on the edge of collapse, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats. The game was anyone’s and each move someone shouted, ‘this is it’. Unfortunately, the tower eventually came crashing down with CPC taking the loss.

One of the highlights of the event was the opportunity for future new starters to meet and network with their respective teams. This allowed for a seamless integration into the office culture and fostered a sense of belonging. It was heartwarming to witness all departments mingling, laughing, and building connections beyond their usual work interactions.

The fake BBQ spread was a hit, with delicious burgers, sausages, salads, potato salad, and all the other typical BBQ foods, and people even going up for seconds! The room filled with so much chit chat as everyone sat down to indulge in their early dinner. It was wonderful to see all different teams mixing and socialising, talking about their outside lives and very limited chat about work. Despite being indoors, the event was blessed with a touch of sunshine, adding to the overall positive ambiance.

The Coventry office networking event was an absolute success, bringing together colleagues from various departments for an afternoon of fun, laughter, and team building. With only a small wall separating finance from sales and marketing in the office, it was great to give everyone the opportunity to have a laugh with colleagues they may not have necessarily spoke too before. This event marks the beginning of a series of future gatherings that will continue to strengthen the bonds within the office.