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What is the UK’s Graduate Programme and How Is It Adding to CloserStill’s Legacy of Homegrown Talent?

What is the UK’s Graduate Programme and How Is It Adding to CloserStill’s Legacy of Homegrown Talent?
In our ever-evolving world of exhibitions, and especially within CloserStill, we are known for nurturing our own home-grown talent. A key part of this in the UK over the past few years has been our summer Graduate Programme in the UK (previously known as the Graduate Bootcamp).

The Programme has been providing an annual opportunity for anyone entering the industry (not only graduates) to take their first steps into our fast-moving sector and be supported as they spend eight weeks experiencing how each department within CloserStill plays a role in producing our shows. Since 2020, we've seen this programme evolve, welcoming a total of 35 individuals through our doors to date.

Here’s a glimpse of what this years’ graduates who secured permanent roles across various our Marketing, Digital, Content, Data and Operations departments had to say 📣:

🌟 Shakera Miah (Our new Digital Marketing Assistant): "Working with different departments and trying on different hats in the corporate world for the first time has been transformational. I'm excited to have the chance to work with everyone again, and there's so much to learn."

💼 Thomas Amphlett (Our new Marketing Assistant): "The biggest surprise was how quickly I adapted to different roles. It's been a fun and mind-stretching experience."

Molly Benson (Our new Junior Content Producer): "The sales role play pushed me out of my comfort zone and transformed my confidence. The work culture here is so fun, and everyone wants to help you do well."

As Shakera, Thomas and Molly start their CloserStill journeys, we know you will make them all feel welcome as they embark on the next phase of their career with us.

If you're curious about the Graduate Programme and how it could shape and grow your team, don't hesitate to reach out to Joe Leadley, Head of Telemarketing & Graduate Programme (j.leadley@closerstillmedia.com) for more information.