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22 Jun 2018

CloserStill Media makes the Sunday Times International Track for the third successive year.

CloserStill Media makes the Sunday Times International Track for the third successive year.

Over the past three years, CloserStill has grown its non UK business from £5.5M to £13.9M.The business' EBITDA has grown from under £7 million in the year before Inflexion invested in 2015 to approaching £20 million for 2018[SG1] , on revenues of over £55 million[SG2] . During that time international sales have grown by an average annual rate of almost 60%.

CloserStil has been successful at taking its UK events and launching them overseas. In addition, acquisitions in core sectors have supported growth in the UK and internationally. The company now has events running in Singapore, Hong Kong, France, Germany and the USA. "Our experience and expertise in launching events means we have been able to take existing successful shows and quickly get them to highly profitable scale with relatively little initial investment and business disruption.

“Our deep relationships in the sectors we specialise in has opened up opportunities for acquisitions" says Phil Soar, Chief Executive, CloserStill Media. He adds "We have a pipeline of further acquisitions in progress and further targets identified plus three international launches currently in progress with more planned"

Acquisitions completed in the last year all support the CloserStill’s core sectors with iLearning Forum in Paris and the Learning Conference in Orlando, Fortbildungstage Baden Baden and OEB in Germany.

Since the investment from Inflexion in 2015, the company has successfully launched its Cloud and Data Centre events in Hong Kong and Paris and expanded its veterinary events business into Germany and the USA.

 [SG1]I would avoid forecasting  - maybe just say that they have grown to c£20m without giving a year?

 [SG2]This is unclear revenues at time of investment or at the moment?