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28 Mar 2017

PharmagoraPlus 2017 – a generational turning point for society

PharmagoraPlus 2017 – a generational turning point for society

PharmagoraPlus 2017, the not-to-be-missed annual gathering for pharmacists and their pharmaceutical community (colleagues, health professionals, patient associations, institutions and political bodies), set out new prospects for an indispensable profession that finds itself in a state of flux.

In the words of Philippe Gaertner, President of the French Federation of Pharmacy Associations (FSPF), "PharmagoraPlus 2017 is a forum for the profession to exchange and express ideas" while Gilles Bonnefond, President of the French Union for Community Pharmacist Associations (USPO), described it "a vintage year".

2017 in brief!

Lectures and discussions brought together more than 200 experts to debate the problems facing the profession such as pharmacy management, modernisation of services, new Pharmaceutical Agreement, and interprofessional activities. There were also training sessions on new societal issues including the aging population and chronic disease, and therapeutic advances affecting all age groups (diabetes, addictions, asthma, etc.).

A significant focus was placed on eHealth and the impact of digital technology as an indispensable tool for the pharmacy profession, especially for prevention, improved compliance, and providing new patient services along an even more efficient healthcare path.

PharmagoraPlus 2017 is a perfect hub for exchange between visitors, exhibitors and speakers. The generational turning point is forcing the profession to define new objectives and especially develop innovative patient-lead services (patient-pharmacist discussion, post-hospital support, advice to facilitate compliance through a better understanding of treatments, home delivery of medicine, etc.).

"Even if it has evolved, the pharmaceutical profession has not lost its soul. Driven by the patient and public health, it continues to demonstrate high levels of professionalism and expertise. Unlike other industries, it remains a business with very specific objectives, namely those of operating first and foremost as healthcare professionals" states Alain Delgutte, President of the Section A Central Council, French Council of Pharmacists.

Times are changing, and with each passing day the pharmacist becomes the first stop in providing patient care.